Why do you use Aqua Sphere as your wetsuit provider?

- Aqua Sphere are a market-leader in triathlon wetsuit design. Their wetsuits are used by world class athletes all around the world. They make a range of wetsuits to fit all ability levels and adhere to the very highest standards of manufacturing.


Which size do I need to hire?

- Triathlon wetsuits need to be a good fit otherwise they're going to let water in and become less effective. Your wetsuit should be a snug fit but not constrictive, so getting the right size is key. Our size charts will help to guide you towards the right size. The crucial rule is to always measure yourself! Then, match up your measurements as closely as possible to the size chart before making your final decision.

Our triathlon wetsuits are designed for swimming. The flexibility around the arms is incredible and will not impede your swimming stroke. A triathlon wetsuit fits extremely closely. For someone who is just starting out, maybe it's their first triathlon, the initial reaction when putting their wetsuit on is that it is too tight on the chest. Any tightness will immediately disappear as soon as you enter the water. If the wetsuit is comfortable on the land then the chances are that it is too big for you and will scoop up water when you start to swim. Training in a wetsuit in the weeks prior to the race is very important and will alleviate any fears you may have. Hiring a wetsuit in advance of the event will allow you time to practice in it and feel more confident.


How do I put my wetsuit on?

A wetsuit should be put on when you are dry. Nails should be cut & not sharp. Remove watches or jewellery. Use plastic bags over the feet, and wear the gloves provided when putting it on. Avoid nail contact with the rubber! Pull legs on first as far as you can, then pull on the upper body of the suit. Triathlon specific wetsuits are fragile race equipment and require careful use. The suits are made to put on slowly, wearing socks and allowing enough time could help to get the suit on correctly. Take care not to "chip" or snag the surface of the suit with your fingernails. Race wetsuits are made to take off quickly when done correctly. Use a lubricant (e.g. Bodyglide but NEVER Vaseline).


How long before my event should I order my wetsuit?

- It's always a good idea to get organised as early as possible to avoid disappointment. We recommend ordering your wetsuit a minimum of 7 working days before your event.


When does my hire period start?

- All hire periods start 2 days after shipment.


Will I have to pay a deposit?

- Your security deposit is included in the price of the wetsuit hire.


How long can I hire a wetsuit for?

- We offer wetsuit rentals for 15 days, 30 days or the full season (180 days).


What if the wetsuit gets damaged?

 - For every piece of damage to the fabric of the wetsuit (nicks and tears), we will deduct £10 from your security deposit. If the wetsuit is torn and unrepairable, the full deposit will be held by us and the wetsuit will be returned to you.

If your wetsuit is returned in a damp or dirty condition £10 will be deducted from your security deposit.




How long will it take for my wetsuit to arrive?

- We aim to get your order to you as fast as possible. If you order before 2pm then your wetsuit will be sent out the same day via Royal mail on a 24hr tracked delivery service or DHL.


My wetsuit is too large/small, how do I get a different size sent to to me?

- Just contact our customer services team and notify them that you need a different size, once we have received your wetsuit back, we will get the new one sent out to you.


What is your returns address?


Unit 1 Plum Lane,




United Kingdom,



How do I return my wetsuit?

Rental wetsuits must be returned to us within 5 working days of the agreement end date.
It is imperative that you receive a receipt for the return of your wetsuit it is recommended that you send it back tracked, this is your proof of receipt. Should your wetsuit go missing and you do not have a proof of receipt you will be liable to pay for the wetsuit.
Returns address,  Contact Number 0844 4411677
Unit 1 Plum Lane
Ta6 5hl
For every nick in the suit £10 will be deducted from the deposit. If the suit is torn and unrepairable the full deposit will be kept and the suit returned to the hirer. £10 will be deducted if the suit is returned dirty or damp and requires cleaning.

Maximum time after hire period has ended for returning your suit is 10 working days, after 5 working days you will be charged £2 per day over the hire period.
After the 10 working days, the full deposit will be retained and the suit will be the property of the hirer.
All hire periods are deemed to start 2 days after shipment from ProWetSuitHire.


What are my delivery options?

- Our delivery price reflects the size and weight of a triathlon wetsuit. You can choose to have your wetsuit derived by Royal mail or DHL, you will be emailed a tracking number so that you can track your parcel.


Before returning the wetsuit, what do I need to do?

- Please ensure that the wetsuit is clean and dry, as we charge a £10 fee if it is returned damp or dirty.


Swimming Related Questions


Do I require a wetsuit?

- Most open water swimming and triathlon events in the UK require a wetsuit as standard. If you're swimming in a lake, pond, river or the sea then you'll probably want to be wearing a wetsuit! It's cold in there.

The official rules for using wetsuits in triathlon events are:

It is compulsory to wear a wetsuit when water temperatures are under 14°C.

It is optional to wear a wetsuit when water temperatures are between 14°C - 22°C.

You cannot wear a wetsuit in a triathlon event where the water temperature exceeds 22°C .


Can I use my shortie/surf wetsuit?

- You can use any type of wetsuit for your triathlon event. However, wetsuits made for surfing or for other water sports are not designed for swimming in the same way as a triathlon wetsuit.

Our triathlon wetsuits have undergone years of development in order to optimize their design for swimming. A surf wetsuit will create much more drag/resistance in the water, making your swim more difficult and slowing you down!


What should I wear underneath my wetsuit?

- Something lightweight and fast drying is recommended as you'll be wearing this for the rest of your race after the first transition. Nudity in the transition area will result in a disqualification, so you really must have something on underneath your wetsuit!

Most triathletes will wear a skin or triathlon suit underneath their wetsuit so that the transition from swim to cycle is as fast as possible.


Do I require goggles?

- You could go without them, but why put yourself through that? When you're swimming in open water it's vital to have a decent pair of goggles to help with your sighting and protect your eyes.


Can I swim in a pool with my wetsuit?

- Don't do it! Chlorine degrades the wetsuit and will void the warranty.